by Monte Ida

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Cédric Derouet - Drums
Quentin Pautonnier - Bass/Vocals
Pierre-Marie Roinel - Guitars/Vocals

Written & composed by Monte Ida
Recorded & mixed by Jérôme Cousin at Studio Vetter
Mastered by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle

Illustration & design by Guillaume Rio Fournigault :


released September 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Monte Ida Rennes, France

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Track Name: Teramene
Let people die one after the other
To find answers to an incessant questioning during repressions
To find evidences
To understand what is forbidden to find out
Track Name: Eco
Look, here another one who goes
Attracted by benefits and limitations
I know you try to walk the way thoughtless and alone
Landscapes are the only links remaining between us
And still lost years in this exhausting game

To lose white truth
With your help I’ll mean my presence so much more that you’ll stop the ball
Stop it and let’s start to pay

Look, still another one opposed
Isolated by too many easy choices
You know I try to walk the way thoughtless and alone
Impressed by your ability to get this hope out of me
But I’ll share your pain not to be dismissed again

To lose white truth
With your help I’ll mean my presence so much more that you’ll stop the ball
Stop it and let’s start to pay for the lost time

We’ve been waiting
We’ve only thought and stared
But now it seems you were already miles away
You may wonder why thoughtless and alone as expected
But I didn’t see there is nothing more in this place

Thrilling and boring
Maybe this trip will be the last one
I don’t want us to learn it from the devil
Rising from the soil, only cold can warm us up
Rising from the soil, only cold can give us hope

We’ve been waiting thoughtless and alone but we didn’t see there’s nothing rising from the soil
Track Name: Opere
Years passed and we’re still waiting
Looking how fast time goes
Alone with my anger and unchained
Fighting against the air
Years passed and you’ve been buried
Forgotten for a long time
When I’m confronted with my thoughts
I just have to figure out that we’ve never been the same but now unchained

Learning from what is killing
What stupefies and makes us crawl
Learning, destroying, ignoring
These were my hope

I left you some words about the disease
Go out to see people die and one day you’ll hear some words about the disease

And you’ll know how good it was to see me deceived by my own faith
Searching for knowledge in mud and tears that never show the way to follow
We’re kind of unequal energies
One always fighting against the other
I’m strong but I’m crushed by my faith
It leads me to my hate but what is hate?

Deserve what you’re wasting everyday
Because you don’t have the right to deny it

People will die from ignorance
Searching for knowledge in blood and shit
Some will survive from the game but will hate the world and die alone

Learning, destroying, ignoring
That was my hope to know the world

Should I break my link to you to feel the pain and die alone?

Learning, it was my gold
I lost the link to you
Track Name: Tauri
We are born to hang on life
Dead for nothing
We don’t know how hard it’s to focus on
Go down, resurface
Help me, leave it
Because those steps were made out of choices
Back to the step that youth was hiding with several choices of pain
Born to be going through the obvious meaning of what you accept then finally reject

And finally pay for the steps that others have skipped

Now look, others have managed to go back, to burn and to choose the time of their death
Born to hang on life
Dead for everything

For the red giant you want to reach
For the red giant you want to be burned by
For every wind that have slowed us

When injuries have appalled us
When eyes have seen horror
When the dust has made us thirsty
When the sun has dried us up
When the light has appealed us
When shadows have deceived us
Your help has remained the best kept shut secret

I want to stop denying it
Beyond what could persuade me to keep the secret buried, hidden, hurting and lying

To burn in front of the truth bearers, the truth seekers and the honest ones
The blind hatred leads to failure and you‘ll fail
Take it on alone
Let this go, you won’t be missed but hated
Take it on alone
Let this go, you won’t be missed but condemned to take it on alone
Track Name: Ate
I didn’t deserve this intangible legacy
We left our hometown to find a new blood, a new gold shining hardly
We wanted to go straight and proud
At least we could expect it

Has anybody ever dreamt of this?
Has anybody ever doubted it?
At the time each one is building his own wreck
Help me to find why I am doubting

To figure out why we are always trying to keep secrets buried
There's nothing to say when I start screaming
To keep the secrets buried when there's nothing to say
When I start screaming, when I stop loving

When I think of what I'm hating and devastating
Hate me for what I'm wasting
And I feel the hate remains
Hate me to make the link remain

To make the link remain as we are enlightened
Tell me how to hate and decline in silence